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Geoff Grant of Eden Farm Photography




Geoff has enjoyed fine art and landscape photography most of his life and now, in his retirement, has taken it to a new level.  He was selected into the Adams County Arts Council Tenth Annual Juried Art Exhibition in 2013, and took second place in the Historic Gettysburg-Adams County BarnArt!  His work has been on exhibit in both Gettysburg and Frederick, and, most recently, at the Waterford Fair in Virginia.  His warm candid portrait collection, "People of the Philippines", was part of a three person exhibit in May, 2016 at the Adams County Arts Council.


Geoff finds expression in "painterly", sometimes abstract, fine art images of nature, landscape, and architecture, including ironic juxtaposition of new and old world culture across the US and abroad.  He is especially interested in people and street scenes from his travels in Ireland, Southeast Asia, Greece, Turkey, Cuba, the Philippines, and the US!  He has worked in both film and digital media, and he is now experimenting with the use of watercolor textured paper and highlights on his otherwise natural images.


He has produced photo essays of a few of his trips, two of which from New England and Chincoteague, may be viewed ad slide shows set to music on YouTube at http:www.youtube.com/user/GeoffGrant2010

Geoff Grant is also a member of the Foothills Studio Tour

GEOFF GRANT  -  Eden Farm Photography

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